Complete Security Services provided:

  • Alarm Response
  • Key-Holding
  • Static/Site Guarding
  • Retail Guarding and Store Detectives.
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Close Protection
  • Residential Security
  • Security Consultancy
  • Door Supervision
  • Event Security and Stewarding

Close Protection

Complete Security offer single close protection operatives or full close protection teams to be deployed at any time in the UK or worldwide.

All of our operatives are hand selected and recruited, and many are ex-service or police personnel. We understand that every client is different, with individual requirements and needs. We assess every aspect possible pre-assignment, including taking into consideration threat levels, language, lifestyle, whether there are children involved, and much, much more.

We gain and assess all of the relevant information before creating an assignment and deploying an appropriate operative or team. We can deploy to protect individuals, companies and teams (sports and other) depending on the requirements and can be deployed at short notice anywhere in the world and for any task required of us. We can also supplement our close protection services with such things as surveillance and counter surveillance if and when required.

Event Security and Solutions

We provide full event security, stewarding and solutions to private or public events. Our services cover both pre- and post-event support as well as full solutions during your event.

We believe providing the relevant support and planning pre-event is crucial, and key to making the event run more smoothly for all parties concerned.

We can provide SIA licensed door supervisors, security guards, dog handlers and CCTV operatives as well as fully trained stewards, medical teams and emergency response teams. Our management teams are fully involved in the lead-up to the events, meaning you go into your event safe in the knowledge that all your needs are being catered for and that all eventualities have been covered in the planning. This means you can concentrate on other logistical elements (and enjoyment) of the event that you have put so much work into organising.

We also produce post-event reports and recommendations to support future events as part of our services. We have in the past catered for events as small as 40 people or as large as 10,000. We understand that each event is different and pride ourselves on providing a personal service and tailor-made solutions. You will have a manager assigned specifically to your event for you to liaise with at anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Retail Guarding and Store Detectives

Retail guarding is a sector we offer vast experience and a fresh insight into, as our management team have not only been involved in retail guarding for several years but also have several years experience of retail management. Having experienced the sector first hand from both sides, we understand both the skills, tools and systems that guards require to effectively undertake the job, and know what the client requires from our guards to get the best out of them and to work perfectly in unison. This has allowed us to develop our retail guarding strategy to ensure we deliver maximum benefit and efficiency.

We offer retail specific training schemes for our guards including, but not limited to, customer service, the PACE Act, internal theft reporting and response, and incident response and reporting. We want our guards to blend into the business effectively and efficiently and for you to feel safe in the knowledge that your customers and staff will be treated with utmost dignity, politeness and respect. We want our guards to not only reflect well on us as a business but also on your store, and to be a credit to your business and team. We use the latest systems to allow us to actively monitor and record thefts and incidents both internal and external, allowing us to most effectively position and use the guard. This also allows us to build up an accurate profile of thefts within the store and act appropriately and proactively, thus largely reducing your shrink and improving your stock loss results. Our guards can also be used alongside our directors and management team to design and implement training programmes for your staff and to create action plans to further support the store in its security goals. We also encourage our guards to conduct regular stock counts on high value items and tag checks within the store.

We also have a team of highly skilled and experienced store detectives ready to be deployed to your stores if so required; they can work alone or as part of a team provided by us, or they can be deployed alongside your existing security team as an extra aid in the fight against unnecessary and preventable stock loss.

We also have a team of CCTV operators who can also be deployed at any given time to support your store.

RST / Residential Security

In the current environment residential security forms a vital part of close protection activities whether you are in residence or not. Services can be provided on a full time or adhoc basis.

Our staff are all highly trained for this unique scenario, we work with the utmost discretion and confidentiality while still providing a viable and effective security screen for your property, family and assets.

We conduct in depth analysis including threat assessment, high risk scenarios, technological and physical requirements to provide you with the necessary peace of mind no matter what the situation. We can deploy at short notice both nationally and internationally.

Door Supervision

At Complete Security we understand that door supervisors are often both the first and last point of contact for customers at your venue, and that it is therefore vitally important that they create a good first impression and an even better last one.

All of our door supervisors will be immaculately attired in a venue appropriate uniform agreed prior to the commencement of the contract with the client. They are also polite, courteous and respectful to all customers and staff at your venue, thus reflecting professionally on your venue and our business at the same time.

All staff are fully licensed in accordance with SIA regulations and are also fully and comprehensively insured. They receive regular ongoing training throughout their time with us, equipping them with all the skills necessary to complete their job to the best of their ability.

We also provide them with comprehensive training in the procedural and paperwork side of the job which is now crucial to running an effective door at any venue in any area. All door supervisors understand that communication is now the most important tool that they possess in this job and are trained to defuse even the most volatile situations, only using physical intervention as a last resort. However when needed they will use this professionally, effectively and fairly.

Security Consultancy

With over 50 years experience in many different sectors of the security industry between the management team of Complete security and many years experience at management level, we are in a prime position to be able to offer consultations for your business. The essential task for consultancy is to methodically study and analyse the threat and assess the risk before implementing or recommending a solution to greatly reduce this. The steps include:

– Threat study and analysis
– Risk assessment and analysis
– Security planning
– Relevant security implementation and strategy produced
– Security management and supervision including KPI’s
– Security review and future planning

Manned Guarding

In recent times Site Security has become a key part of many medium to large sized commercial sites.

We offer various types of guarding services

– Car park guarding
– Building site security
– CCTV operatives
– Gatehouse guards
– Static/site guarding
– Reception guards
– Commercial property guards
– Hotel guarding

All our guards are fully licensed and insured in accordance with the Security Industry Authority legislation. We believe that guarding is an area where, despite improvements to the image and service that have been made in recent years, there are still massive strides to be made – and we are making them.

Our guards are immaculately attired in a client specific uniform and we use the latest in technological systems, high level equipment and job specific training to make sure you get the best level of guarding possible for your individual site and requirements. We believe each security assignment needs a guard specifically matched to agreed requirements and that is the basis of our staff charter, recruitment and training policies.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrol service offers a cost effective, high visibility and efficient solution, acting as a great deterrent to criminal activities such as criminal damage, burglary and theft.

Our staff are recruited locally so they have detailed knowledge of the areas they are patrolling. They conduct roving patrols as well as site walk-throughs, checking for any suspicious activity or signs of damage to your property.

All our operatives are uniformed and attired in high visibility wear to make them a conspicuous presence on your site. They receive regular ongoing training and adhere to strict lone worker, incident and procedural policies, making sure the job is carried out to the highest technical standards.

Our vehicles are equipped with all the relevant equipment and latest technology needed to conduct the role to a high standard. We also provide an integrated incident report tool to allow us to determine the best and most effective times to conduct patrols. Patrols can be conducted at pre-determined times or varying times.

Key Holding and Alarm Response

We offer a fully insured and secure key-holding and alarm response service for the private and public sectors, and domestic clients.

We provide 2 options for this service:

1. We can store your keys in a central secure location; keys are stored in a central key bank that requires two separate codes for access. All keys are monitored and signed for before they’re released from site, offering total peace of mind.

2. For a quicker response for alarm activations we can offer a secure key vault to secure your keys on your own site. These are accessed by the security guard when they arrive on site by entering a unique PIN, and also a vault key. The vaults are discreet and only the guard would know what they are. This can substantially reduce the response times for genuine activations.

All our guards are fully licensed and undertake regular training and development We work to a strict lone worker policy involving our 24/7 control centre, and we have dedicated incident teams who can respond to any issue, meaning none of your staff will ever need to attend site at any stage during an alarm activation. However, if you prefer to have a member of your team on site for any alarm activation, we would arrange a pre-determined dedicated meeting point off site, where a member of our security team will meet with you and accompany you to site, thus substantially reducing the risk to yourself or your staff.

We do also operate a straightforward key-holding service and can do regular or adhoc locks and unlocks for your business. We can also provide a secure escort service if any of your staff are locking or unlocking alone at anti-social hours.

Event Stewards

We provide stewards across a wide spectrum of events from football to festivals. All our stewards hold an NVQ in Spectator safety. We understand that they are your eyes and ears at any event and also often are your customer’s first point of contact. As such all our stewards are correctly attired and trained to deliver the highest level of customer service to everyone they come into contact with.

I working a sporting stadium event all stewards are fully briefed on the requirements and content of the venues safety certificate. If working a festival site they are fully briefed on the clients safety documents and also given a thorough deployment plan and walkthrough so they have a detailed knowledge of the site and are therefore best positioned to provide the high standards of service we expect.